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Cancelled R&D could be blessing-

Technical feasibility is paramount. So if the team reports the project is not overall viable, that's a successful outcome, too. Larry Desjardin explains.

Emulation platform chalks 15 billion-gate path to 2022

Mentor Graphics has broken with the mould in announcing a 5-year roadmap for the VeloceStratoM platform, which holds 64 verification boards and consumes 22.7W/Mgate when fully loaded.

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Comparator circuit nulls standby power

The circuit uses only a few picoamps from the sensor to activate, thereby permitting the use of conventional sensors rather than energy harvesters.

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Chip lab collects nanoparticles via sound waves

Researchers have combined single vortex acoustic streaming with an acoustic radiation force to enrich particles within the small capillary volume.

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Flash-based FPGAs pack 12.7Gbps SerDes transceivers

In collaboration with Silicon Creations, Microsemi has developed a 12.7Gbps transceiver optimised to offer total power of less than 90mW at 10Gbps.

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R&S demos suite for 5G field test at 28GHz

Rohde & Schwarz’s R&S TSME and R&S ROMES enable over-the-air characterisation of 5G network analysis and optimisation within 28GHz. read on »

Three-phase MOSFET driver IC replaces relays in autos

Allegro’s A6862 N-Channel power driver controls the in-phase isolation MOSFETs in automotives. read on »

Actuator provides 4ms haptic feedback, lowers load

TDK’s PiezoHapt actuator features unimorph enabling technology to adapt to temperature and shape challenges. read on »

iCoupler-based digital isolator simplifies circuits

The digital isolators reduce required PCB space as well as component cost and design complexity as multiple diodes and resistors are no longer needed. read on »