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TIJ Research Publications Pte. Ltd., Singapore
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Dear Prof. Vijay Pithadia ,
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"The International Journal Research Publications Pte. Ltd., Singapore" inviting Research Manuscripts to publish in May-2017 Issue on 01-05-2017 of :
Research Journal of Social Science & Management - RJSSM (ISSN 2251-1571)
Vol:07, No:01 (Latest Impact Factor : 5.38)
Research Journal of Commerce & Behavioural Science - RJCBS (ISSN 2251-1547)
Vol:06, No:07 (Latest Impact Factor : 5.632)
Research Journal of Economics & Business Studies - RJEBS (ISSN 2251-1555)
Vol:06, No:07 (Latest Impact Factor : 5.185)
Research Journal of Science & IT Management - RJSITM (ISSN 2251-1563)
Vol:06, No:07 (Latest Impact Factor : 5.583)
The above Journals publishes research papers in the fields of Management, Economics, Commerce, Business, Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, Science, IT Management and related subjects. The journal is published online and now got World-wide authors. Emphasis is given to papers that address controversial topics and which have a sound theoretical base and/or practical applications. All papers submitted should be original contributions and not under consideration for publication elsewhere. Note this is Official Invite for Papers/ Articles to Publish in May-2017 issue and further issues.

Last Date for submission 15-April-2017.
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