These 12 Animals May Look Cute, But They Can be Deadly

These cute little guys may only be about 5-8 inches long, but they pack enough power to kill a human in a matter of minutes. A matter of seconds after being bitten (which ironically is painless), the victim will start to feel nauseous, then they will begin to lose their vision, touch, speech and the ability to swallow. In just 3 minutes, the nervous system shuts down completely, paralysis occurs and respiratory failure commences. Without immediate medical help, the victim will die. As there is no antidote for blue-ringed octopus venom, the victim must be kept alive using machines until the venom works its way out of the body. this usually takes around 24 hours and leaves no obvious side effects. Scarily, the victim is aware of everything that is happening around them, but cannot respond in anyway. Blue-ringed octopus venom is 1200 times more toxic than cyanide.