Start Your Day With A Banana And A Cup Of Warm Water – This Is Why!

Plenty of people around the globe are going bananas over the Banana Diet – to such an extent that there are reports of there being a banana shortage in Japan!

But what makes it so – a-peeling – and how does it work?
Yes, we are talking about the fantastic breakfast option known as “Morning Banana” and its incredible benefits. There is nothing that can give competition to the morning banana diet in keeping those mid-morning cravings at bay. The yellow fruit– especially when it still has a touch of green – is one of the best sources of starch and healthy carbohydrates. It keeps you full for a longer period.
The morning banana diet is based on the premise that having a banana for breakfast, followed by a cup of warm water, helps you in your weight loss program – regardless of what you eat during the day time.
39 Amazing Benefits And Uses Of Banana For Skin, Hair And Health
Ripe, rich and delicious – bananas are one of most popular fruits that are easily available all year round. However, there are some weight watchers who will raise their eyebrows if they are asked to include it in their diet. They will soon know why this awesome fruit deserves to be loved and eaten.
Bananas are exceptionally healthy as they provide numerous health benefits. It is a versatile fruit that contains many nutrients including vitamins A, B, C and E along with minerals like potassium, zinc, iron and manganese. Just as eating a banana helps in keeping your body in good health and great shape, application of this fruit on your hair and skin will help you to keep them in great condition.
The local names of bananas in India are kela (Hindi), Arati Pandu (Telugu), Vazhai  Pazham (Tamil), BaleHannu (Kannada), Ethapazham (Malayalam), Kella / Kela (Punjabi), Kele / Kel (Marathi), Keda (Gujarati), Kollaa (Bengali).
Health Benefits of Banana:
Now let’s take a quick look at the banana health benefits:
1. Gives Instant Surge of Energy:
It does this by converting the natural sugars into instant energy and this is one of the reasons sportsmen consume it during intervals.  Bananas are an excellent breakfast for kids and adults as it provides required energy throughout the day. This probably the most popular health benefit of banana.
2. Helps Keep Blood Pressure Under Control:
Research indicates that potassium keeps blood pressure under control and improved consumption of calcium, potassium and magnesium can also help decrease high blood pressure. Bananas are rich in potassium, calcium magnesium, so it is a healthy option for keeping blood pressure in check.
3. Helps Lower Cholesterol:
It is said that Pectin which is a soluble fibre in banana helps to lower Cholesterol levels.  According to researchers, fibres that are water soluble such as pectin, psyllium, beta-glucan etc., lower the LDL Cholesterol without disturbing the HDL cholesterol.
4. Supports Renal Health:
Bananas being a rich source of potassium, if consumed regularly in moderation, promote renal health. The International Journal of Cancer states that Bananas being a rich source of antioxidant phenolic compounds, if consumed together with cabbage and root vegetables protect renal health.
5. Improves Nerve Function and Enhances Brain Power:
Banana is a rich source of B vitamins and therefore perks up nerve function.  Potassium, in banana keeps the mental faculties vigilant and boosts learning abilities.
6. Decreases The Risk of Stroke:
Studies indicate that regular intake of bananas in daily diet helps reduce the occurrence of stroke and this is due to the high amount of potassium.
7. Reduces the Risk of Cancer:
Rich in antioxidants and dietary fibre, consumption of bananas reduce risk of various types of cancer, especially bowel cancer.
8. Helps Build Healthy Bones:
Probiotic bacteria present in bananas is said to have astonishing ability to absorb calcium in the body. Hence, consuming bananas help in building better bones.
9. Enhances Digestive Ability:
It is very rich in fructooligosaccharide which acts as a probiotic (friendly bacteria). It stimulates the growth and activity of probiotics in the colon and produces enzymes that enable absorption of nutrients thus enhancing the digestive ability and preventing unfriendly bacteria from harming the body.
10. Helps Combat Stomach Ulcers:
Certain substances in bananas stimulate the cells which make up the stomach lining, this enables production of a thicker protective mucus barrier against stomach acids.  Also the substance known as protease inhibitors in banana, help getting rid of bacteria in the stomach that produces stomach ulcers, thus protecting against damage of stomach and ulcer.
11. Helps in Controlling Diarrhea:
Raw bananas are astringent in nature and are effective in treatment for diarrhoea.  They also regulate fluid balance.
12. Relieve from Constipation:
Pectin found in Bananas, help to alleviate constipation and improves bowel function.
13. Helps in Curing Piles:
Since bananas help regulate bowel movement they help cure piles.
14. Helps Regulating Anemia:
Bananas are good for Anaemic patients as they contain high levels of iron which help regulate the haemoglobin levels in the body.
15. Helps Alleviating Heartburn:
The antacid substance in banana gives immense relief from heartburn
16. Prevents Allergies:
The presence of benign amino acids in banana helps combat allergies.
17. Helps Withdrawing Smoking Urge:
Vitamins B6 and B12 along with magnesium and Potassium in Bananas helps recover from nicotine addiction