Greetings from AIMS International!

Dear Dr. Vijay Pithadia  

Greetings from AIMS International!

It is a proven fact that organizing and attending conferences help scholars learn, network, and share knowledge. Conferences also help organizations develop visibility in a competitive environment. Management institutes like yours must be organizing conferences for the same.

Based on our experience, we understand the spectrum of activities required, and the support that a helping hand can provide for the same. In order to fulfill the vision of AIMS International, we have organized several international conferences and have built relationships and expertise to support other institutes through MyConference. Please visit http://www.aims-international.org/MyConference/default.asp for details.

MyConference includes the following services at a reasonable cost:

1.    Promoting conferences through posting conference alerts, sending announcement mailers, and sending brochures/posters
2.    Preparing conference kits, including eco-friendly conference bags, customized participant badges, certificates, and printing program bulletins/souvenir
3.    Publishing ISBN based conference proceedings on CD and paper media

Please visit http://www.aims-international.org/MyConference/Services.asp for details of services.

Please email your requirement to myconference@aims-international.org or call +91-84606-79825.

We look forward to working with you.


Chinmay Agrawal
AIMS International