Dear Investor

Dear Investor,

Sub: Information required under Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act [FATCA], Common Reporting Standards [CRS] & Supplementary KYC information

This is with reference to the requirements under FATCA/CRS requirements under Income Tax / CBDT guidelines. As per the said guidelines issued from time to time, all financial institutions like Mutual Funds, Banks, Insurance Companies are mandated to obtain self-declaration from all its customers about certain key information like countries of tax residency and related information.

Respective Fund House is taking various efforts to collect the information and communicating the same from time to time. For ease of your convenience, CAMS is facilitating updation of required information across Mutual Funds serviced by CAMS through following modes

A.    Update online by clicking the link https://www.camsonline.com/FATCA/COL_FATCAMainPage.aspx

B.     Download the form by clicking FATCA Form Here. Fill the same with requisite information, sign and

a.     Email a scanned copy to camsfatcaubo@camsonline.com
b.    Submit at nearest CAMS Service Centre's or AMC Office
c.     Post the duly signed form to following address:

Computer Age Management Services Pvt. Ltd. [CAMS]
Unit: Central Projects, Rayala Towers, 158 Anna Salai
Chennai - 600002

C.    Approach your financial advisor for assistance in submission

The requisite information is needed for all account holders including that of Joint Holders, Guardian, POA Holders.

In the interim, if the requested information is already submitted to any one of the Mutual Funds, there is no requirement to submit again.

Non-submission of the required information may result in action as per the Rule 114H (8) of Income Tax and CBDT guidelines.

For any queries/clarifications, please email us to camsfatcaubo@camsonline.com or call us Toll Free Number 1-800-200-2267 / 1-800-419-2267 or ask your financial advisor for more information

Thanking you,

Computer Age Management Services Pvt. Ltd.

On behalf of Mutual Funds serviced by CAMS
Encl.: FATCA-CRS & Supplementary KYC Information Declaration Form