Futuristic Skyscraper Concepts

20 Stunning Futuristic Skyscraper Concepts You Must See
The future looks bleak. As the human population rises, more and more cities are becoming congested. We are running out of room for development. Hence, architects and designers are looking for alternative ways to make room for new infrastructure, and they are taking their designs to the sky – in the form of skyscrapers, of course.
skyscraper intro
Not only are these skyscraper designs challenging the limits of architectural design but they are also fine examples of sustainable/green architecture. These 20 skyscrapers are built with plenty of mechanisms to recycle waste, harness natural resources, optimize space and natural sunlight etc, on top of being beautiful symbolic beacons in great cities.
coal power plant mutation
himalayas water tower
airport skyscraper
crater scraper
aakash skyscraper
crescent moon tower
biotic arch
city in the sky
world of chlorophyll
the cloud
untitled evolo
velo towers
light park floating
avis magica
floating aerohotel
pixl cloud
suspended city
battery park scraper
floating observatories
tour triangle