Claudia de Marchi was working as a lawyer

Claudia de Marchi was working as a lawyer, and was pretty well-known as a professional of her craft. But last year she decided to somewhat shift her job preferences, becoming an elite prostitute instead. Ever since her own mother offered her to become a lady of the night, she works only with successful politicians and businessmen that share her political views.
[www.mastitrain.com]The best part of this story is her mom gave her the idea to switch jobs. They were watching a TV interview about luxury escorts and they were both fascinated by the idea. When she decided to get into the business her mom was fully supportive.
[www.mastitrain.com]In an interview about her preferences she said, “As much as I love sex, I cannot bring myself to get intimate with a fascist. You don’t have to talk about politics to have sex, but just to think about the nonsense they defend, the foolish things they say, I get turned off.”