Scary Statistics On Our Cell Phone Addiction

Knowing These Tips And Facts May Save Your                       Life One Day
Safety adviser Murali Krishnan points out that walking and using your phone both demand large amounts of cognitive effort. 
By adjusting your mirrors so that you barely see the edges of your own car, you can effectively eliminate the blind spots on the sides of the vehicle. The rear-view mirror should be able to locate any car behind yours. It's worth the few seconds it takes to adjust these when you get in the driver's seat.
Lavoie also points out that your body uses a great deal of energy to convert matter from one state to another.
Naman Mitruka explains how to perform the Heimlich on yourself:
Ideally, you'll be able to turn off the source of the electricity in this kind of situation, Alex Elderfield explains. But if that's not possible, you can help the person (without getting electrocuted yourself) by breaking the circuit. The simplest way to do that is to find a long hard object, like a stick, and give the person a firm whack.
Pulling out an object that has been lodged in your body will increase the rate of blood loss, Thomas Mei explains. Instead, try to cover the wound and do anything you can to stop the bleeding until you find a medical professional.
If a line falls near you, keep your feet together and jump or shuffle away. If you take normal steps, you're at risk of conducting electricity in your body since the current can flow through both legs separately.