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18183243924Agri-Business and Rural Management (9 Parts)Rais Ahmad2013Rs. 12500Order Online
28183246079A Collection of Treaties, Engagements & Sanads Relating to India & Neighbouring Countries (14 Vols.)C.U. Aitchison2015Rs. 13500Order Online
38183246222A Comprehensive Dictionary of The World (5 Volumes, 10 Parts)Thomas Wright2015Rs. 15000Order Online
48183246842Dictionary of Clothing and Textiles (2 Parts)K.K. Maitra2016Rs. 4000Order Online
58183240348Discovery of North East India - Geography, History, Culture, Religion, Politics, Sociology, Science, Education and Economy (11 Vols.)Suresh Kant Sharma & Usha Sharma2015Rs. 18000Order Online
68183246877Discovery of South India (4 Volumes)M. Sudhakar Rao2016Rs. 12000Order Online
78183240860Documents on North-East India (11 Volumes)S.K. Sharma & U. Sharma2015Rs. 13500Order Online
88183247415Eminent Aristocrates of Southern India (2 Volumes)A. Vadivelu2016Rs. 4000Order Online
98183246923Empowerment of Women (2 Parts)Shamim Asmat, Chanda Devi2016Rs. 5000Order Online
108170997798 Encyclopaedia of Anthropology (7 Volumes)Darshan Singh Maini2015Rs. 9000Order Online
118183247083Encyclopaedia of Festivals (2 Volumes)Usha Sharma2016Rs. 4000Order Online
128183247113Encyclopaedia of Indian Politics and Administration (5 Volumes)S.K. Sharma, Usha Sharma2016Rs. 11000Order Online
138170993601Encyclopaedia of Ecology, Environment and Pollution Control (20 Volumes)R. Swarup, S.N. Mishra, V.P. Jauhari2015Rs. 30000Order Online
148170996341Encyclopaedia of Economics, Commerce and Management (18 Volumes)R. Dayal, P. Zachariah, K. Rajpal2015Rs. 20000Order Online
158170994306Encyclopaedia of Technical Education (25 Vols.)J.P. Mittal, I.Kaur,2015Rs. 25000Order Online
168170996791Handbook of Modern Management (12 Vols.)S.K. Singh, S. C. Kundu, S. Singh2015Rs. 18000Order Online
178183244300Indian Banking System (6 Parts)Rais Ahmad2013Rs. 8000Order Online
188183247679International Encyclopaedia of Government and Politics (5 Volumes)S.L. Kaushik, Rama Patnayak2016Rs. 12000Order Online
198183242650International Encyclopaedia of Himalayas (5 Vols.)R. C. Bisht2015Rs. 6000Order Online
208183247040Leadership, Management and Development (2 Parts)Bhuwan Giri2016Rs. 4000Order Online
218183247296Life and Speeches of Eminent Indians (3 Volumes)/2016Rs. 4500Order Online
22818324744XMinisterial Conferences and WTO (2 Parts)N.S Bansal2016Rs. 5000Order Online
238183247180Modern Encyclopaedia of Agricultural Science and Technology (8 Volumes)G. Sethuraman, Srinivasa Naidu2016Rs. 12000Order Online
248183246958Modern Encyclopaedia of Education: Past and Present (5 Volumes)S.K. Sharma2016Rs. 12000Order Online
258183240928Modern Encyclopaedia of Engineering and Technology ( 7 Parts)M.N. Doja2016Rs. 10500Order Online
268183241002Modern Encyclopaedia of Fishery Science and Technology (10 Volumes)M.R Saravanan, K.L. Santhanam2016Rs. 15000Order Online
278183247342Modern Encyclopaedia of Textiles (5 Volumes)P.V. Vidyasagar2016Rs. 9000Order Online
288170995485Municipal Administration & Education (2 Vols.)S.R. Sharma2015Rs. 3000Order Online
29--The Mysore Tribes and Castes (5 Volumes)L.K.A. Iyer2005Rs. 7500Order Online
308170998174 Planning for Urban & Economic Development(2 Parts)A.C. Mittal2015Rs. 3000Order Online
318183240186Raja Rammohun Roy (3 Volumes)Suresh K. Sharma2015Rs. 3000Order Online
328170996228Reading in Personnel Management (4 Vols.)K.V. Ramani2015Rs. 6000Order Online
338183247504Religion and Marriage in Indian Society (2 Volumes)Usha Sharma2016Rs. 4000Order Online
348183244432Universal Encyclopedia of Islam ( 5 volumes)M. Isar Ahmad2014Rs. 9000Order Online

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