Flipkart selling One plus 3 (at low cost) when it is an Amazon exclusive in India?

 Flipkart selling One plus 3 (at low cost) when it is an Amazon exclusive in India?

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Though the offer had been removed by Flipkart earlier, it is now found to be available again.
Flipkart, one of the popular e-commerce site, will host a “Big Shopping Days” sale with numerous offers while the highlighted offer as shown clearly is from OnePlus.
(Source: Flipkart)
Yesterday (15th December 2016), Flipkart announced that they were going to offer the OnePlus 3 Smartphone at a price of Rs 1_,999 which clearly hints that the phone would be available at less than Rs 20,000 price. The twist here is that Flipkart has never been the sales partner of OnePlus & OnePlus had always been exclusive to Amazon. But still Flipkart went ahead with such a ridiculous offer.
Carl Pei,the co-founder of OnePlus, who was surprised at such an offer, tweeted to ask Sachin Bansal - the co-founder of Flipkart, about it.
Shortly after the tweet, the banner on Flipkart was removed.
Here's what Phone Radar has to say on this:
To investigate on this we went ahead to find out the Import cost of the OnePlus 3 Smartphones that came out to be around Rs 22,744 along with which additional sales tax would be added. It is clear here that the phones are Imported at a price above Rs 20,000 & Flipkart is either offering new phones under a loss to create a hype on the well-known brand’s offering or else they are probably procuring refurbished units and going to offer to their customers.
If you wanna buy the phone, go for it and stop looking for lame offers. ₹28K isn't actually much to give for the beast after all.
Edit 1: After going through the comments, I checked Flipkart and realised that the offer has been put up again though it wasn't there yesterday.
OnePlus itself is still confused with the offer as there hasn't been any explanatory answer from neither Flipkart nor the co-founder Sachin Bansal.
When asked for a comment, Flipkart told Gadgets360 that
"Flipkart is a marketplace which helps sellers connect with customers across the country. All our sellers are mandated to adhere to stringent guidelines. The prices and discounts for all our sales are decided by the participating sellers and brands."
This however doesn't clarify whether the OnePlus 3 phones to be sold on Flipkart are genuine or not.
OnePlus has further cautioned the buyers interested, saying,
"We have an exclusive partnership with Amazon in India. We advice customers to purchase OnePlus products only through official channels as we cannot guarantee the authenticity of the products sold elsewhere."
Clearly, OnePlus doesn't guarantee the purchase of it's product from any other site.
As reported by Phone Radar earlier, they must either be selling refurbished phones or similar to those sold on sites like eBay.
Another point to be noted is that the 3 special offers provided to buyers who buy through the exclusive store - Amazon,
1. 12 months of accidental damage protection with OnePlus Care (to be activated within 30 days)
2. 12 months of double data for Idea customers
3. INR 500 ebook promotion credits - Download and sign in to the Kindle app,
aren't offered on the Flipkart sale.
Those who are still interested in buying via Flipkart at a lower price, are at their own risk, to be precise. Make sure you get the actual deal with the warranty.
Edit 2: It's 4 pm and baammmmm!! It’s outta stock!
And the banner on the home page has also been removed!
Like seriously!? What even does Flipkart think they're doing? Are they trying to create a hype about the product just to get buyers online at that time? That's probably the lamest thing a shopping site can do though!
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