Fire at Gas Station and Amazing reaction of People

As a coauthor of the military's counterinsurgency manual (with retired Army Gen. David Petraeus), Mattis has often spoken about following the rules of engagement and being disciplined against a ruthless enemy.
Addressing his Marines at an air base in Iraq, he tried to motivate them to stay sharp and continue the mission.
He often stresses the importance of education and training on building effective future leaders.
We can safely assume that Mattis, a top general, has had to sit through his share of awful PowerPoint briefings. Mattis actually banned briefers from using the software while he was in charge of US Central Command — a practice other top generals have followed.
Mattis spoke with Congress on this point after a series of so-called green-on-blue attacks that left military leaders struggling to find a solution.
This line from his 2003 letter to his Marines foreshadows his contribution in 2006 to counterinsurgency doctrine, which stresses battlefield discipline and protection of the civilian populace.