Area-Chairperson--Marketing, Program Coordinator--International Business

International Conference
The New Digital Age: Reshaping Strategies for Business Organisation

February 2-3, 2017

Sub: Call for Papers

Dear Sir/Madam,

Greeting from Amity University Haryana !

We take privilege of inviting you to participate in forthcoming International Conference on The New Digital Age: Reshaping Strategies for Business Organisation.  

As digital is everywhere in all walks of human life through smart phones, social platforms, cloud and IOT, it has changed the rule of game thus, business organization needs a strategic plans and business models to keep and robust the digital system in place. In the new digital-first business era, developing strategies and business models to rethink how your organization can thrive will be key to any organisation’s future viability.

The conference aims to bring together corporate people, business representatives, academicians, consultants, researchers and scholars to discuss a broad range of topics related to the framing of business strategies in the digital world.

We therefore take this opportunity to invite you for your invaluable contribution to this International Conference.

The details of the conference and registration form are available with the brochure attached. We also appeal you to circulate the conference brochure among your network to ensure quality research insights for the International Conference. The electronic copy of the full paper along with abstract in MS-Word format should be mailed to us at conference@ggn.amity.edu on or before December 26, 2016.

Thanking you and looking forward for your participation in the conference.

Warm Regards.

(Prof) Dr. Ashutosh Kumar
Convener- International CCo-ordinator--Ph.D Programme (AUH)
Area-Chairperson--Marketing, Program Coordinator--International Business

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