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Dear Researcher,
Warm Greetings from Amity University, Uttar Pradesh, India.
We are pleased to inform you that Amity University, Uttar Pradesh, India, in association with The University of Northampton, U.K are organizing an International Conference on Comprehension, Commitment, Courage & Collaboration (4 C's ) : Converting ideas into logical outcomes for creating world class organizations” at Noida and Greater Noida campus on 8-10, February 2017 as part of the 17th International Business Horizon- INBUSH ERA WORLD SUMMIT 2017.
INBUSH ERA WORLD SUMMIT – 2017 is a mega event with over 100 Vice Chancellors and senior delegates of different International and National Universities, 200 foreign diplomats, scores of media personalities, top academicians from India & abroad and over 200 CEOs participating in the most thought provoking plenary sessions during this event.
We are pleased to extend an invitation to you to participate in the conference and share your research work. The submission can be in the form of research paper, case studies, and doctoral work. Kindly note that participation is also solicited for in-absentia and skype presentations.
We are happy to share with you that more and more high ranked SCOPUS & Web of Science Indexed Journals are associating with us as Publishing Partners. Discussions are going on with some more such Journals and Publishers which will raise the quality research standards of the Conference.

We shall be thankful, if you could circulate this information among your colleagues and students and motivate them to participate in the conference.

You may visit http://www.amity.edu/aibs/inbushera2017/index.html further details about the event.

Thanks & Regards

Prof. (Dr.) Gurinder Singh
Event Chairman
Amity Group Vice Chancellor
Director General, Amity University, Greater Noida Campus
Director General, Amity International Business School, Amity University
Director General, Amity Directorate of Management and Allied Areas
& Vice Chairman, Global Foundation for Learning & Excellence
Room No. G - 10, I - 3 Block,
Sector - 125, Amity University Campus
Noida, U.P. 201313
Phone : 0120 4392043 ; Email : gsingh@amity.edu

Call for Paper
17th International Business Summit and Research Conference INBUSH
(International Business Horizon) 08th – 10th February 2017

In accordance with our sincere endeavor to research and advocate best practices in all spheres of management, we, at Amity International Business School, believe that our 17th International Business Summit and Research Conference INBUSH (International Business Horizon) 2017 is the best platform to explore, deliberate, discuss and analyze critical issues and recommend the best strategy to move forward to ensure success along with contentment and happiness.

We are proud to host this unique, annual and internationally acclaimed event, jointly with The University of Northampton, from 08th-10th February 2017 with a focus on “Comprehension, Commitment, Courage & Collaboration (4 C’s) : Converting ideas into logical outcomes for creating world class organizations”

·         Participation of over 500 experts including renowned academicians, corporates, policy makers, ambassadors and strategists from over 40 countries.
·         Insightful Panel Discussions
·         Research Paper Presentations
·         Case Study Competitions
·         Soul Stirring cultural evenings

This event will indeed be incomplete without the participation of all our distinguished friends, mentors and members of our Amity Family; and we look forward to welcoming all in our journey of enlightenment.            

You may visit http://www.amity.edu/aibs/inbushera2017/index.html for further details about the event.

International Business
      Perspectives on Theoretical Issues Relating to Economic Growth
       Inflation, Saving and Investment
      Macro-Economic Performance related to Revenue and Expenditure
      Issues related to Government Spending Priorities in India
      Globalization and International Business
      International Trade Patterns and BOP    
      Policy Framework for International Trade
      Foreign Direct Investment
      Global competitiveness of sectoral businesses
      Environmental complexity & dynamism sustainability in business
      Business Ethics, Social Responsibility & Corporate Governance
      International Collaborations and foreign trade
      Effect of Free Trade Agreements on Trade and economic welfare
      Socio Political Implications of Regional Trade Integrations
      Legal Issues in WTO and their implications in developing economy
      Multilateral Trade Agreements and trade promotions
      Relevance of Non-Tariff barriers in International Trade
      Barriers to Trade in Services and non service sectors
      Trade Liberalization, Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection
      Impact of Trade on Poverty Reduction
      Inflation and Exchange Rate Dynamics and their impact on foreign trade
      Role of Small Business Entrepneurship in foreign trade
      Global Financial Crisis and its impact on foreign trade
      BREXIT and Its Impact on International Trade
      Trade and Employment generation
      Challenges of Contemporary Global Business
      UN Agenda 21 and Global Compact Programme
      Role of UN and International Organisations on Sustainability issues
      Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)
      Developmental Challenges like Poverty and Hunger
      Aid-for-Trade initiative
      Country/Regional Studies on Least Developed Countries
      Perspective from Development Models of Developing Countries
      Globalization & Culture
      Managing Cultural diversity & commitment
      Governance in Multiculturalism
      Strategic Marketing & Planning
      Product Portfolio Management
      Consumerization Vs Customization
      Strategic Branding in Global Market Place
      Market Logistics and its importance
      Managing the Supply Chain
      Corporate Communication – Role in Marketing
      Ethics & Social Responsibility in Marketing
      Industrial Marketing
      Marketing across the Borders
      “Sensory Branding” - Importance in Marketing
      Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
      Service Marketing: Importance of Innovations

Human Resource Management
      HRM and the business environment
      Organizational Change and Development
      Learning and Development
      Digital HR
      Strategic HRM
      Industrial Relations & Legal HRM
      Employee Turnover & Attrition
      Strategic Training & Development
      Performance Management
      Transformation HR
      Employee Engagement
      Talent Management
      Leadership Development
      e- recruitment

Entrepreneurship Management

      Innovation at grassroot level
      Out-of-box innovation
      Inside-the-box innovation
      Breakthrough Innovation
      Reverse Innovation
      Managing Innovation process
      Innovation trends
      No-Money Marketing strategies
      Opportunity Recognition
      Innovation Tools
      Family Business Management
      Lean Startups
      Financing Inventions
      Financing entrepreneurship ventures
      Attracting Talent in lean startups
      Creative thinking
      Market segmentation for a lean startup
      Financial intelligence for entrepreneurs
      Money Management for entrepreneurs

Financial Management

      Finance & Accounting
      International Finance & Trade
      Merger & Acquisitions
      Derivatives Market
      Banking & Insurance
      Mutual Funds
      Money Management
      Return on Marketing Investments
      Trends in Consumer Finance Industries

Information Technology 
      Business Strategy and Information Technology
      Management Information System
      Information Systems Planning and Management
      The Application of Information Technology
      Internet Technology
      Computer Simulation
      Programming Languages
      Ecommerce and E-Government
      Information Technology Management
      Wireless Communication and Mobile Computing
      Information Economics and Management
      Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
      Communications and Networking
      Computational Science and Technology
      Data Mining, Data Warehousing and Knowledge Discovery
      Energy System and Engineering
      Grid-computing, Supercomputing and Cloud-computing
      Hardware and Software Co-design
      Health and Medical Science and Technology
      Human-Computer Interaction
      Image and Signal Processing
      Intelligent Robotics and Autonomous Agents
      Modeling and Simulation
      Pattern Recognition and Information Retrieval
      Decision Analysis and Methods
      E-Business and E-Commerce 

Family Business Management
      Family Business Governance
      Family Business in Emerging, Developing, and Transition Economies
      Family business goals
      Family dynamics
      Behavioral processes and innovation in family firms
      Co-operation among family businesses
      Collective bargaining issues
      Small family business
      Family-based social entrepreneurship
      Acquired and tacit knowledge in family-based business operations
      Relationships, succession and transition issues
      Transgenerational entrepreneurship practices
      Women in business and regional development
      Leadership issues, family business and corporate governance
      Technological changes
      Role and relevance of professional managers
      Internal and external challenges
      Commonalities and complementarities in managing family business across nations

Corporate Governance and CSR
      Corporate ownership structures
      Corporate restructuring
      Minority-majority shareholder conflict
      Investor/creditor protection
      Managerial behaviour, managerial entrenchment
      Incentive structures, executive compensation plans
      Agency issues
      Corporate contracting
      Business and financial ethics
      Corporate social responsibility
      Corporate law and securities law,
      Financial (de)regulation
      Insider trading, conflicts of interests
      Institutional investor behaviour
      Financial reporting,
      Disclosure, transparency
      Information asymmetry
      (Hostile) takeovers
      Market for corporate control/defences
      Effective boardroom performance
      The growing importance of governance in the wake of ever-greater corporate scandals
      Redefinitions and reassessments of corporate governance models
      The role of business in society
      The changing nature of the relationship and responsibilities of the firm towards various stakeholders
      The role and impact of local and international regulatory agencies and regimes on corporate behaviour.
Supply Chain Management
      Capacity planning and control
      E-business and operations
      Global operations management 
      Human resource management in operations
      Information and knowledge management
      Lean/agile operations
      Logistics, order fulfilment and distribution
      Management of technology for operations
      Managing technological/organisational change 
      Mass customisation
      Materials and inventory management
      New product and service design/development
      Operations planning, scheduling and control
      Operations strategy
      Performance measurement and management
      Plant location, design and layout
      Project management in operations
      Quality management in operations
      Role of operations in sustainability
      Supplier/customer relationship management
      Supply chain management

Cross Cultural Management
      Strategic issues facing emerging markets of the global economy
      Global strategic management, MNE strategy, and structure
      Management of the MNE, its subsidiaries, and inter-firm networks
      Institutional strategies and the political environment
      International technology transfer, R&D and innovation
      Innovation in the international context
      Comparative and international entrepreneurship
      Public administration as it relates to and affects international business and global management
      Corporate governance and social issues of the firm in the global context
      Global talent management
      International human resource management
      Management of multicultural teams
      Cross-cultural communication
      Work motivation and leadership
      Inter- and intra-organizational group, teamwork and negotiation strategies
      Conflict resolution in the international setting
      Cultural and individual ethics and values
      Intra-national diversity issues
      Research methods in international management

Quality Management
      Service Quality.
      Qualitative and quantitative analyses
      Total quality management/quality management
      Sustainable TQM practices
      Advanced and sustainable quality management models and approaches
      Total quality environment management
      Application of advanced quality management tools and techniques
      Quality management systems
      Quality awards and models
      Quality improvement strategies/standards
      Green quality culture, QFD, DOE, Fuzzy ANP etc.
      Benchmarking the best practices
      Leadership and management issues in achieving quality and innovation
      The relationship between quality management and other disciplines such as organizational performance, quality performance, customer satisfaction, innovation etc.
      Quality management in service industries
      Data mining applications and analysis
      Failure mode and effect analysis

Researchers are also encouraged to present Research Papers/ Case Studies in any other area of Management and not necessarily restrict themselves to the sub themes of the conference.
  • Paper submitted should be an original and unpublished work. Any paper submitted which is identical or substantially similar work already published or under review for another conference or publication, will not be considered.
  • A covering letter clearly certifying that the manuscript is original and has neither been published anywhere nor is at present being considered for any other publication should accompany the manuscript.
  • The abstract of the paper should not exceed 300 words with 4-6 keywords. Submit an electronic copy of the abstract by 15th December 2016 at inbush@amity.edu
  • The Review Committee will screen the abstract(s). The abstract(s) approved by the committee will be selected for the submission of the full length paper for the conference. All the author(s) of the accepted papers will be intimated accordingly.
  • First page of the manuscript should have the broad theme, title of the paper, name of the author(s), organization’s affiliation, complete postal address, phone number, fax number(if any) and e-mail address followed by abstract and full paper. Kindly do not mention author(s) name, affiliation or any other such information inside the manuscript.
  • Recommended length of the research paper should be between 4000-6000 words. Font used should be Times New Roman with font size 12 and double spaced.
  • Tables, illustrations, charts, figures etc. should be serially numbered and duly acknowledged. Sources of the data need to be given below each table.
  • First level subheading should be left-justified, in upper and lower case, and printed in 14-point Times New Roman, boldface; second level subheadings should be left –justified, in upper and lower case, in 12-point Times New Roman boldface. The paragraph begins right after the sub-heading. Headings and sub-headings will not carry any numbering.
  • References should be complete in all respects, with authors’ surnames arranged alphabetically, following conventional citation styles. Authors are requested to follow the APA Style.
  • Multiple authors, if attending the conference, will have to register separately to be entitled for the conference certificate (Authors who do not register will not be entitled for the conference certificate). Authors, who are keen to present more than one paper, will have to register for both separately.
  • Submit an electronic copy of the complete manuscript along with abstract(s), by 15th January 2017 at inbush@amity.edu.
  • The author(s) must register themselves for the conference by 15th January 2017 to ensure the inclusion of the paper in the conference proceedings. Without registration, paper will not be included in the conference proceedings.
Abstract Submission:                   15th December 2016          
Full Paper Submission:                15th January 2017  
Last Date for Registration:          15th January 2017  
Conference:                                     8-10, February 2017

In-absentia and skype presentation
Participation is also solicited for in-absentia and skype presentation
Some of the high quality selected papers will be published in SCOPUS Indexed Journals. The details of some of the publishing partners are given below:

  1. Journal of Electronic Commerce in Organizations (JECO) published by IGI Global, USA, provides comprehensive coverage and understanding of the social, cultural, organizational, and cognitive impacts of e-commerce technologies and advances on organizations around the world
Journal of Electronic Commerce in Organizations (JECO) is indexed in:  
  • Australian Business Deans Council (ABDC)
  • Compendex (Elsevier Engineering Index)
  • ABI/Inform
  • ACM Digital Library
  • Aluminium Industry Abstracts
  • Bacon's Media Directory
  • Burrelle's Media Directory
  • Cabell's Directories
  • Ceramic Abstracts
  • Computer & Information Systems Abstracts
  • Corrosion Abstracts
  • CSA Civil Engineering Abstracts
  • CSA Illumina
  • CSA Mechanical & Transportation Engineering Abstracts
  • DBLP
  • DEST Register of Refereed Journals
  • EBSCOhost's Business Source
  • EBSCOhost's Computer & Applied Sciences Complete
  • EBSCOhost's Computer Science Index
  • EBSCOhost's Computer Source
  • EBSCOhost's Current Abstracts
  • EBSCOhost's Executive Daily Brief
  • Electronics & Communications Abstracts
  • Engineered Materials Abstracts
  • Gale Directory of Publications & Broadcast Media
  • GetCited
  • Google Scholar
  • International Bibliography of the Social Sciences
  • JournalTOCs
  • KnowledgeBoard
  • Library & Information Science Abstracts (LISA)
  • Materials Business File - Steels Alerts
  • MediaFinder
  • Norwegian Social Science Data Services (NSD)
  • PubList.com
  • Solid State & Superconductivity Abstracts
  • The Index of Information Systems Journals
  • The Standard Periodical Directory
  • Ulrich's Periodicals Directory

2.    Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal (QMR), published by Emerald, UK, publishes papers that utilise qualitative methodologies that cover all aspects of marketing, including but not limited to: consumer behaviour, online marketing, marketing strategy, services and social marketing.

QMR is highly ranked journal abstracted and indexed in:

  • Thomson Reuters Emerging Sources Citation Index (Web of Science)
  • Cabell's Directory of Publishing Opportunities in Accounting, Economics and Finance
  • Cabell's Directory of Publishing Opportunities in Management and Marketing
  • CNRS (France)
  • CPI Digest
  • Electronic Collections Online
  • Emerald Management Reviews
  • FNEGE (France)
  • Management and Marketing Abstracts
  • Psych-INFO
  • Social Research Methodology Database 
  • WARC Market Research Abstracts
  • Zetoc (British Library)

Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal (QMR) is ranked by: 

  • Australian Business Deans Council (ABDC) Journal Quality List - B ranking 
  • The Publication Forum (Finland)

Apart from SCOPUS INDEXED Journals, there are number of other publication opportunities to the participants of the conference. Some of the selected papers will also be published in International, Peer Reviewed, Indexed, Listed journals of Amity University:
  • Amity Global Business Review
    ISSN : 0975 - 511X
    Indexed in EBSCO Host , Cabell’s Directory and Ulrich Directory

  • Amity Global HRM Review
    ISSN: 2250-060X
    Indexed in EBSCO Host

  • Amity Case Research Journal
ISSN : 2319-9199
  • Amity Journal of Finance 
    ISSN (Print): 2455-9741
    ISSN (Online): 2456-1568
    RNI: UPENG04197

  • Amity Journal of Marketing ISSN (Print): 2455-975X 
    ISSN (Online): 2456-1703 
    RNI: UPENG04198

  • Amity Journal of Economics ISSN (Print): 2455-9733 
    ISSN (Online): 2456-155X 
    RNI: UPENG04200

  • Amity Journal of Corporate Governance ISSN (Print): 2455-989X 
    ISSN (Online): 2456-1533
    RNI: UPENG04185

  • Amity Journal of Operations Management ISSN (Print): 2455-9903 
    ISSN (Online): 2456-1711
    RNI: UPENG04169

  • Amity Journal of Entrepreneurship ISSN (Print): 2455-9725
    ISSN (Online): 2456-1541 
    RNI: UPENG04187

Registration Fees
Registration Fees
National (Rs)
100 USD


75 USD
Research Scholar /Student
50 USD
Industry and Academician
50 USD
Research Scholar
50 USD
30 USD

  • Author means "One whose paper is either accepted or accepted and presenting"
  • Delegate means "One who is attending the conference but not submitted the paper"
Registration Fee Includes:
  • Registration Kit, Tea/Coffee, Lunch, Proceeding (only for Authors)
Organizing Committee Members:
Core Committee – Ms Alka, Dr. Loveleen Gaur, Ms Chitra Krishnan, Ms Chitra Bajpai
Area Coordinators
  • Dr. Kokil Jain – Marketing Management
  • Dr. Harendra Kumar – International Business & Economics
  • Dr. Meghna Sharma & Mr. Sandeep Bhasin – Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship
  • Dr. Shikha Kapoor -  Human Resource Management
  • Ms. Seema Sahai – Information Technology & Operations
  • Dr. Namita Sahay – Accounting & Finance

17th INBUSH 2017


Please complete this participation form and return it, by 15th January 2017.

Name :


Name of Institute:


Phone :


Fax :

Postcode :

Demand Draft/Cheque in favor of “Amity University” Uttar Pradesh Payable at Noida.              
Can be sent to:
Conference Chair
Room No. G-10 I-3 Block
Amity University
Sec-125, Noida – 201303
Gautam Buddha Nagar, U. P.
A soft copy of the payment detail along with cheque number/DD number can be sent at inbush@amity.edu with the subject " Payment for Paper ******”