Tom Antonishak paintings

Camille_Pissarro_040 (488x599, 54Kb)

James Whiteside, director, American Ballet Theatre

Daniil Simkin, Principal, Teatro American Ballet

Solador Peck, directora, New York City Ballet

Michael Jackson Jr y Sean Aaron Carmon, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

Caza Finlay, director, New York City Ballet

Xin Ying, directora, Martha Graham Dance Company

Artem Ovcharenko, Principal, Ballet Bolshoi

Xander Parish, Solista, Ballet Mariinsky

Hee Seo, la directora, el American Ballet Theatre

Addison Ector, Complexions Ballet Contemporáneo

Sebastián Vinet, Solista, Ballet de Santiago

Marcelo Gomes, director, American Ballet Theatre

Marcelo Gomes, director, American Ballet Theatre

Zachary Catazaro, Solista, New York City Ballet

Michael Jackson Jr, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater


John+Frederick+Lewis+Tutt%27Art%40+%287%29.jpg (756×690):
John Frederick Lewis, Outdoor Gossip:
lilium auratum_John Frederick Lewis:
John Frederick Lewis:
The Pipe Bearer" by John Frederick Lewis:
A Mamluk Bey (Ottoman Egyptian Turk Warrior) -John Frederick Lewis (1804-1876 CE British):
John Frederick Lewis (1804-1876), "A Favorite of the Harem." I love the color and fabric contrasts of this one. By period standards, this and many other Orientalist paintings of women are rather racy images--note the spread legs here, unthinkable in the painter's own British society.:
John Frederick Lewis (British Painter , 1805-1876) - The Carpet Seller , Khan El Khalil Cairo, 1860, Oil On Canvas:
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