Most Useful Math Hacks You Can Even Teach Your Teacher

Most of the kids have a hard time dealing with maths during their school years and even some of the adults scratch their heads when it comes to doing maths. Maths has problems which are to be solved following certain steps. At times, even those simple steps seem mind boggling. But there is nothing to worry about as there is not just one way to solve a math problem, you can always adopt the alternative that you are comfortable with.
Sit back and relax because here are some hacks that are about to change the way you look at maths.

2. Learning tables is a pain.

3. This always used to confuse me when I was a child.

4. You can often end up scratching your head doing conversions.

5. Reverse Zorro. Logical huh!

6. Percentages are mind boggling.

7. Multiplication of large numbers made easy.

8. Pi always reminds me of pie.

9. Multiplying a number by 15.