Before & After: Female Celebrities

Before After: Illustrations Of Female Celebrities With Their Younger Selves

Last year Fulvio ‘Fulaleo’ Obregon released a series called Me My Other which featured a number of older male celebrities alongside their younger selves. 
In this new series he turns his attention to some of the world’s most famous women.
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The Queen



Carrie Fisher

Debbie Harry

Dolly Parton

Drew Barrymore

Judi Dench

Elizabeth Taylor

Sigourney Weaver

Tina Turner

Yoko Ono

 Breathtaking Botticelli

Sandro Botticelli (1445 - 1510) was an Italian Renaissance artist, remembered for the mythical Birth of Venus and Primavera (Spring). Botticelli was also was a very prolific painter of Christian and other biblical narratives. You might have seen some of his works hanging in many homes and offices. This is because the clarity of his beautiful works is breathtaking and his masterworks will always remain in style.

Venus and Mars

Spring (Primavera)
A great many of his noteworthy works, including the famous Birth of Venus and Primavera, are visible at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Botticelli's hometown.

Madonna and Child with an Angel

Madonna with Child, and Madonna and Child with an Angel

Adoration of the Magi

The Trials of Moses
Nowadays you can see many of his works housed in museums all around the world, but originally many of his commissioned works remained in the churches and villas for which they were painted.

Portrait of a Man with a Medal of Cosimo the Elder,
and Portrait of a Young Man Holding a Medallion

Portrait of a Philosopher with Red Cap, 
and Portrait of a Young Woman


Portrait of a Young Woman, and Portrait of a Young Man

Botticelli never married and it is popularly believed he held an unrequited love for a married noble lady, Simonetta Vespucci. She is considered the muse for the Birth of Venus and is seen recurring throughout his works. When he died, he asked to be buried at her feet in Florence’s Church of Ognissanti.

La Bella Simonetta, and Portrait of a Young Woman

Three Scenes from the Story of Esther


Madonna of the Pomegranate


Sandro Botticelli - Visions of violence and beauty

Documentary about Botticelli
Alessandro di Mariano di Vanni Filipepi, known as Sandro Botticelli, was an Italian painter of the Early Renaissance. 

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Man Who Rescued A Gosling From Drowning 2 Years Ago, Can’t Get Rid Of Her Because She Won’t Leave Him

When Mike Jivanjee rescued a tiny gosling drowning in Lake Oswego in Oregon, he didn’t know he just got himself a BFF. Jivanjee named the little goose Kyle, took her home and planned to release her. However, Kyle fell madly in love with her owner, and hasn’t left his side in two years… And just when Jivanjee tries to tell her it’s over, he finds her right by his house, lovingly waiting for her saviour.
‘I’ve tried to get rid of her, you know. I’ve driven her miles away and then left her in the middle of nowhere and when I come back she’s already home before me, so there’s not a lot we can do.’
Apparently, the ten-pound Canadian goose even gets defensive and jealous around Jivanjee’s women. ‘When girls come around and she senses they’re a threat, she lets them know. She’s smart enough to know actually who the threats are and who they aren’t,’ Jivanhee said.
While the owner plays it tough and unavailable, he revealed he is just as smitten with Kyle as the goose is with him. And even if he leaves her somehwere and tells her to get lost, it’s more like a play to encourage the birdie to exercise.
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When Jivanjee rescued a gosling drowning in a lake, he didn’t know he just got himself a BFF


He named her Kyle… Jivanhee planned to release her, but the birdie fell madly in love with him…


…And hasn’t left his side in 2 years!


‘I’ve driven her miles away and then left her in the middle of nowhere…


…And when I come back she’s already home before me, so there’s not a lot we can do’


They even enjoy speedboat trips together!


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