Private college known as factory

Law is only essential for government University and colleges and not for private sector factory means college or university

So in these factories all the machines should be tapped to maximum, without maintenance.

It's due to Indian government policy

These factories are based on Low Cost Model where they try to get staff at low-cost and try to give them work as much as they can

At the same time government controlled by some of other nations

Academics has become hell in these factories

Sir Ji government policy is not amended because we are not united, sorry to say , but some one from us who is ready to work in such factories at low cost make such system more hell

Dear sir ,
Government don't want to improve the quality of such private education factories in India.
Such public representatives are there who protect the interests of these private institutions.
In some states, education ministers are always protecting and getting share from such institutions.
The inspection team of government and university nominees also not serious at the time of inspections because the team charges heavy amount from these private institutions.