Valued Exposures (Paris)

 1920s Paris River Seine
A boat on the Seine River in 1926, with a view of the Eiffel Tower in the background.

Horticulture Exhibition Grand Palais 1922
A horticulture exhibition at the Grand Palais in 1922.

Jardin De Tuileries Yvon
The Jardin de Tuileries taken by the little-known photographer, Yvon.

La Neige In Paris
Street cleaners clear slushy snow off the sidewalk, 1922.

Mi Careme Parade Horses
The queen of the Mi-Carême parade on her float, 1921.

Place De L'Opera 1926
The Place De L'Opera, 1926.

Shoeshiner Paris 1929
A man gets his shoes shined, 1929.

Train Station Paris 1929
A busy train station, 1929.