Valued Exposures (New York)

Gotham Fire House And Engine, East 3rd St. (now Ladder 9, Engine 33, 42 Great Jones Street), New York City, 1901
New York Historical Society
A firehouse and engine on E. 3rd St. in 1901.

5th Avenue   33rd Street 1900
New York Public Library
Women stroll on Fifth Ave. at 33rd. St., 1909.

Crowd Watching Baseball Scores Being Posted On The Sun Building, New York City, 1914New York Historical Society
Crowd watches baseball scores being posted on the New York City Sun Building in 1914.

Cyclists Broadway 1915
New York Historical Society
Cyclists on Broadway, 1915.

Police Office And Suspender Peddler Talking In Front Of Pier 5, New York City, 1898.New York Historical Society
A police officer speaks with a street peddler in front of Pier 5, 1898.

The Original Washington Square Arch, New York City, 1889.
New York Historical Society
The original Washington Square arch, 1889.

Broadway Before Flatiron
New York Historical Society
Broadway before the construction of the Flatiron Building.

Patagonia Glacier Mountain

Salt Flat Man

Sitting On Cliff

Hiker Mountains Clouds

Arches National Park

People On Rock

Cliffs Of Moher

Cliffs Of Moher

Son Doong Cave

Standing On Rock

Cliff Walkway

Aurora Surfer

Grand Canyon Walkway

Mountain Reflection

Indonesia Hikers

Snow Covered Trees