Maruti Suzuki should consider following points while designing a new car by dr vijay pithadia

1. When main battery low; auto cut off all power supply
2. Steering up down movement more flexibility needed
3. Inside and outside temperature indicator required
4. Auto/switched open and closed side view mirror with yellow side blinker
5. Side view mirror closed at 90 degree
6. CNG nose is odd
7. CNG nose fitted at wrong manner
8. Min 200 MM ground clearance
9. Back AC vent with controls and temp indicator
10. All tyre pressure gauge in dash board
11. Excellent dual Horn quality
12. Horn fitting in proper way
13. Front seat below box
14. Reverse gear night vision camera
15. GPS enabled 7 LED inch screen fitted at dash board
16. Internet connection at dash board 7 inch LED screen
17. Wi-Fi, blue tooth connectivity
18. 4 Pen drive sockets at dash board
19. Intel I3 or I5 CPU for Driver Information System 
20. World Radio Receiver required 
21. 4 woofer and 2 tweeter stereo music system
22. 2 DVD drive socket at dash board
23. DVD monitor LED 20 inch at hood for front side and back passengers
24. Between Front seats vertical glove box
25. Car with mounted Cell Phone space
26. Electronic Jack for tyre changing
27. Head light setting/coverage min 100 meters.
28. Car seating arrangement like all down becomes bed in car
29. Push start key less entry
30. Immobilizer, ABS, EBD, Traction Control etc
31. Window glass with day and night glass
32. Side pocket carries min. 1 liter water bottle
33. Seating up down with auto push switch
34. No mouse/dust can enter in the car when it closed
35. Dash board with one big and one small box with Locked cover
36. Reverse gear with two reverse (white) light at tail
37. Dual digital clock with alarm facility
38. Two mode of engine power: normal and power
39. Silencer fitting
40. Back side of petrol filling cap print petrol or diesel
41. For opening door hydraulics mechanism support to open door
42. Neck supported (Lumber) seating arrangement for all passengers
43. Inside car bottom portion should be flat
44. Car highlighter one’s key is on LEDs burn at front out side
45. Tail light with use of LEDs
46. 3 Charger points required
47. Dual horn: city horn and highway horn
48. Turning problem with design PILLAR
49. Poor quality wiper removed
50. Free services for 3 years or 1,00,000 KM
51. Reduce diesel car noise and vibration
52. Availability of spare parts at service station
53. Problems of discontinued model
54. Wiser for all windows
55. Lighting at front and back foot space
56. Door open Red light indicator at door
57. Back side bumper design (reduce bumper size)
58. Hand rest bar at all seat passengers
59. Folding Lunch tray at back side passengers
60. Car position and tracker/finder at wrist watch and another at home

Dr Vijay Pithadoa www.biodataofdrvhp.blogspot.in