Journal of Business Management and Research

Dear  Dr. Vijay Pithadia, 

Greetings from the Editorial Team of  TJPRC global community, which has offices all over the world -  USA, UK, Singapore, Qatar and India. 

We are pleased to inform you that your candidature had been considered, evaluated, selected and honoured to be the  Editorial Board Members for the below Journals, based on your credentials and academic contributions.   
Journal of Business Management and Research
 It is updated and reflected in our website as well.  Pl go thru the below URL for your name:
Kindly propagate the value and importance of research paper publications to your students, scholars, colleagues and also act as a brand ambassador for TJPRC community.
Sustenance of this membership depends on your contributions. You are expected to publish at least 6 - 8 papers in a year in our journals either directly , or thru your students, colleagues or  any other teaching faculty / friends.
  Our company board reserves the right to change / modify the editorial board memberships without any intimation  if the boardmembers' contributions are not  satisfactory  in a defined  period.  Kindly go through the editorial process  -  http://www.tjprc.org/page.php?pid=16
Please avail  20% discount on the publication fees for each paper that you send to us.
All the very best.
Thanks & Regards

Editorial Team