Concept Note for The International Conference

Dr Vijay Pithadia

Dear Researcher(s) and Academician(s)

Greetings from Xavier School of Communications, Xavier University Bhubaneswar.

On behalf of my department, we are pleased to inform you that Xavier School of Communications, Xavier University Bhubaneswar in collaboration with OTV, Bhubaneswar will be organising the 2nd International Conference oThe Role of Media in Democracy on November 25-26, 2016 at Xavier University Campus. I kindly request you to disseminate our conference details among your esteemed faculty members, PhD scholars and friends. You are further requested to contribute research papers and articles on the theme and sub-themes of the Conference.

A copy of the conference details is also attached with this mail for your kind reference and use. 

Conference website for more details: http://icrmd16.xub.edu.in/

Submission of papers at: submission.icrd@gmail.com

Concept Note for 
The International Conference

The right of citizens to participate and monitor the government and governance is the pivotal principle of democracy and goes beyond the periodical and ritualistic exercise of franchise in an information society. To effectively engage in this participatory form of politics, the citizens need to be informed objectively. It is an important role of the media to be a mediator of dialogue between the agencies of governance and the stakeholders.

As the extraneous forces take control of the important function, there is the danger of media becoming a middle agent. Instead of harnessing the reins of power, it becomes a power-broker. The erosion of the institution always starts with the inclusion of media within the networks of power. In countries where majority of people do not enjoy the fruits of either equity or liberty, this blatant shirking of a sacred duty can be very corrosive to the body polity. At a time when the role of an independent and critical press is under serious threat, it is important that we turn a spotlight on the role media. This international conference aims to cover a wide spectrum of topics that fundamentally address the present role of media within the democratic process and the road ahead.

This international media conference is a premier forum for media practitioners, scholars and educators to present their research findings and make practical application in the field of media. The conference aims to bring together leading researchers, academicians, research scholars, media professionals, policy makers, and NGOs in their domain of interest around the world.

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Ms. Priyanka Mohanty
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