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QUEEN’S ROAD Bangaluru :You don’t need money to help people, only an idea or inspiration. It sounds cutesy but that is how it was with 23-year-olds Harshil Mittal and his friend Ashutosh Morrison who work with Accenture.

The two have started the initiative Let’s Feed Bengaluru, to reach food to the needy. They collect food from willing donors and deliver it to someone who can’t otherwise afford it.

200 citizens will help reach food to city’s needy

The initiative was inspired by a similar one in Chennai, The Food Bank, started by a visual communications student Sneha Mohandos.

In Bengaluru, Mittal started by reaching out to the residents of his society, and 40 of the 50 people he asked contributed. Anyone interested simply has to cook for an extra person and package it for the team to come and collect.

“We have a zero-money policy. We don’t take or give money, whenever there is money involved people doubt the intention,” said Mittal. “Instead, if the donor simply gives a portion of what is being cooked for the family, even the food will be of superior quality.”

The team drops off packaging material, sponsored by Mittal’s landlord and CEO of Homigo.in Nikhunj Batheja, at the donors’ homes.
The team now consists of 750 volunteers. 

In case of any queries please

Whatsapp/SMS @8884838988

website  http://letsfeedblr.com/  

Let's Feed Bengaluru video 3 minutes