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Car designers have always been keen to come up with new and unusual designs that push boundaries and feed the imagination of car enthusiasts. Some of these concepts never make it to the general market, but their beauty, innovation and, on occasion, downright strangeness deserve a wider audience. The Dream Cars exhibit at the High Museum, Atlanta collected photos of some of the strangest car designs ever created by man and put them on display in September 2014. You will love some, you may be less fond of others, but you cannot deny the uniqueness of each of these remarkable designs. Some of them even introduced features which have since become standard.

I Carved A Family Of Elephants Into A Pencil

My first pencil carving at this scale was of a train – and in December of 2015 it went viral across Facebook and the Internet! I was even featured on a TV show in Barcelona.

Using the wood of a pencil I carved the tree tops, and the trunks are made from the graphite lead

I scored the wood of the pencil to create the look of grass

I carved the elephants from different pencils

I start with a carpenter pencil, adding rough grid lines for reference

I rough the basic shape out using my magnifying lamp

Sometimes I also make some of my own tools because I can’t always find points that are small enough

I complete the elephant with skin texture

My work station complete with a magnifying lamp and a trinocular

I have also carved other tiny things, like this graphite mitt

Inside art

The beast

A day at the beach