Bicycle Repairer Varunkumar to IAS

Bicycle Repairer Varunkumar to IAS (secured 32nd rank in the UPSC all-India merit list ) - For 23-year-old Varunkumar Baranwal, fulfilling his father's dream was the motivation to clear the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exam in the first attempt.

According to Varunkumar, he had decided to stop studying after his father’s demise and work in the cycle repair shop. “However, it was my mother who forced me to continue with my studies. What I am today is because of her,” Varunkumar said.

In fact, after his father's death in 2006, the 15-year-old boy took it as a challenge to become an IAS officer one day. When the results were declared on Thursday, Varunkumar, a gold medalist from the University of Pune, secured 32nd rank in the all-India merit list.

Varunkumar never had it easy. He was one of the five siblings dependent on their mother, who ran a modest bicycle repair shop in Bhoisar, Palghar, Thane district.

Varunkumar got a scholarship which enabled him to pursue his engineering studies. “It was Anna’s anti-corruption movement which inspired me to pursue a career in the civil services,” Varunkumar said.

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