Beautiful Bonsai Trees

15+ Of The Most Beautiful Bonsai Trees Ever

 Bonsai trees are awesome. Just ask Mr Miyagi. They look beautiful, they fit in your house, they encourage patience and dedication, they relieve stress, and they help to purify the air. What's not to like?
People have been caring for Bonsai trees for over a thousand years. The ancient horticultural practice originated in China, where it was known as "penzai", and was later redeveloped under the influence of Japanese Zen Buddhism. The plants are kept small due to growth-restricting techniques such as pinching buds, pruning and wiring branches and restricting the use of fertilizer. It's a delicate and time-consuming process, but as you can from this list compiled by Bored Panda, those who persevere are rewarded with something amazing.
Do you have a Bonsai tree? Then add your pictures to the list below and don't forget to vote for your favorite! It's what Mr. Miyagi would have wanted.

#1 Wisteria

EvisaIsabellaRose 10 hours ago
Like purple rain... <3 div="">
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#4 This Bonsai Tree Is Over 800 Year Old

This Bonsai Tree Is Over 800 Year Old
DariaB 6 hours ago
Looks like two or three dragons hanging out in the sky, inbetween the clouds...
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#5 Azalea

MelissaApple 8 hours ago

#6 Apple Tree

Apple Tree
CynthiaRosser-Shay 54 minutes ago
I Grow Wisteria Trees! I LOVE Bonsai Tress! I Am BLESSED To Have Found This! You Made My Day! Well,My Life! Sincerely, With Love! Cynthia Rosser-Shay

#9 Apple Tree

Apple Tree
KimKelly 9 hours ago
That is the tiniest apple tree I have ever seen.
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#11 Bonsai Hobbit Hole

Bonsai Hobbit Hole
Debbie 13 hours ago
I love this....
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#13 Apple Tree

Apple Tree
BobbiSpence 13 hours ago
Ummm, seriously? That's a cherry tree!
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#14 Azalea

Sky 12 hours ago
I'd be more impressed if the whole picture wasn't so heavily edited...
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