This man-made miracle known as Murano glass and Venetian glass.

Murano glass - 01
Its history goes back almost a thousand years, and like every old story overgrown with legends.

According to one legend, the Benedictine monks wonderful liqueur produced in his monastery. And for a wonderful liqueur it required no less wonderful (and expensive) packaging. Bottles famous liqueur decided to make glass, and for that invited artists. Masters have long experimented and created an amazing glass.
When the glass was ready, the need for a large number of craftsmen disappeared. They left the monastery and their sheltered Venice.
According to another legend, Venice has always been famous for its glass-blowing artists, and during the Crusades knights returned to Europe via Venice. And they brought the secret of production of glass in the city of wonder.
Murano glass - 02
Around this period the growth of the glass industry in Venice. Production of fire risk. And besides - a very lucrative and profitable for the city budget. In 1291, the City Council had translated all the works of art on the island of Murano. We solved the problem of fire safety, and at the same time created a kind of ghetto - the masters and their families (which was known secret of production) under penalty of death was forbidden to leave the island.
the secret police, which followed the movement of raw materials and craftsmen was established. Artisans-glassmakers received enormous benefits and preferences, such as glass blowers daughter could marry aristocrats.
Murano glass - 03
In general, the history of Murano glass is very rich and interesting enough. And like any long story - she even boring: a lot of names, dates and events. I do not set a goal to write a detailed and accurate history of Murano glass. This has been done to me and done quite professionally.
I really like this man-made wonder. And I want to talk about its beauty. And to this end, I propose to your attention the photo gallery.


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This man-made miracle known as Murano glass and Venetian glass.