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Society has given enough to me, it’s time to repay the debt and do something constructive for millions of students and for our next generation” is the sole moto behind writing these series of 8 books. - Dr. Rajiv Dharaskar

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7th Book in the Series of 8 Books

Secrets of Success of IIIT Model

Can Rejuvenate & Ignite Engineering Education in India

(Pages 209, References 222, Released on 26th Jan 2016)

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In fact, IIIT-Bangalore, IIIT-Delhi and IIIT-Hyderabad are altogether different from all the technical institutes in India including IIT and NIT.  They have become top ranking T-schools within very short time. This book answers following questions:
1.      How they have Established Self-Sustainable University or Institute?
2.      How they have developed Research University in India?
3.      How they have developed one of the Best Industry Interface?
4.      How they have attracted huge funding from Industry?
5.      How they have attracted the best talent (faculty and students) from India and Abroad?
6.      How they have established Top Ranking Technical School (T-School) within 5 years of establishment with the help of just 30+ staff members?
7.      How they have developed Curriculum of international standard?
8.      How they have developed Pedagogy?
9.      How they have maintained overall quality of education?
10.  How they got “A” grade in Accreditation process?
11.  What are the best practices they have adopted?
12.  What are the most important factors while establishing new Institute or University?
This book provides a Successful Model for accelerated growth of any institute. It is for Every Discipline and for Every Institute.

8th Book in the Series of 8 Books
Roadmap, Risk, Intricacies & Challenges of Setting up Overseas Campus
(Pages 410, References 313, Released on 8th April 2016)
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Today India is 5th largest player of the world for hosting International Branch Campuses (IBC) or Overseas Campus at Foreign Land (total 17). Manipal Group is generating 2/3rd of its revenue from IBC. It’s a major source of income for many Universities in India and Abroad. Till today, it is a commercial secret, which I am reveling through this book. This book answers the following questions with the help of hundreds of counter examples and case studies from more than 70 countries:
1.      What are the different types of Risks associated with IBC?
2.      What are the different reasons for failure of IBC all over the world?
3.      What are the challenges of establishing overseas campus?
·         Financial challenges
·         Faculty challenges
·         Partnership challenges
·         Pedagogy challenges
·         Accreditation challenges
·         Curriculum design challenges
·         Student Enrollment challenges
·         Marketing challenges
·         Cultural challenges
·         Regulatory challenges
·         Micro Economics challenges
·         Environment and Geographical challenges
·         Political and Foreign Relation challenges
·         Unpredictable Future Market challenges
·         Challenges of Legal and Authorization Processes
·         Challenges of Complex Relationships and many more
4.      What are the well-known Business Models?
5.      How to prepare Business Plan?
6.      Why the planning phase consumes minimum 2 to 3 years?
7.      How to do the Environment Analysis of Host Country?
8.      How to maximize the revenue generation?
9.      Which are the best locations in the world for establishing new IBC?
10.  How to establish the new institute at foreign land instead of struggling in crowded market like India?

This book is equally important for industry personnel, who are interested to understand the game plans of Multi-National Corporations (MNC).

The Internationalization will be the next Tsunami for Higher Education Sector in India as well as developing nations. For survival, the academicians must know the refined details about this issue.

These books might change the knowledge level requirements (apart from subject knowledge) to climb the ladder of success in the field of academics.

Dr. Rajiv Dharaskar
PhD (Computers)
Director MPGI Group of Institute, Nanded, MS, India
Former Director, DIMAT, Raipur, MS, India
Former Professor, GHRCE, Nagpur, MS, India
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Dr. Rajiv Dharaskar
Ph.D.(Computer Engg.),M.Tech.(Comp.),M.Phil, M.Sc., DCS,
Director, MPGI Integrated Campus Group of Institutes, Nanded, MS
Former Director, Disha Education Society (DIMAT), Raipur,CG
Former Prof. & Head, Department of CSE, GHRCE (TEQIP funded Autonomous Institute), Nagpur, MS
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My Series of Books, published by Shroff Publication (SPD). The 4th to 8th books can be download (FREE) from my website (over 20 Lakh Readers across 50 nations)
1.  Funding Techniques of World Renowned Universities
2.  Strategy to Develop World Class University
3.  Technology-Storms Redefining World Class Universities
4.  113 Difficulties in Developing World Class Universities
5.  Washington Accord & Multi-Objective Integrated Model for Developing WCU
6.  Innovation - Growth Engine for Nation - Nice Buzzword but Often Misunderstood
7.  Secrets of Success of IIIT Model: Can Rejuvenate & Ignite Engineering Education in India
8.  Roadmap, Risk, Intricacies & Challenges of Setting up Overseas Campus 

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