Reached 500 Affiliates

Dear vijay,
I am sharing happy moments with you, Kachhua has reached milestone of 500 Affiliates. This is big achievement for non-IT Gujarati businessman, and you are part of this achievement. We have started with 5 to 10 affiliates like you and more and more bloggers connected with us. Now our Goal is to reach 10,000 Affiliate all over INDIA. We feel happy to be reason to help bloggers to serve better to students, and thankful to all bloggers for keeping trust in us.
Now kachhua has increased range of products and blogger has more option to put ads. Now you can put ads of Books and CD/DVDs or many educational products. We always support bloggers by creating beautiful ads/banners and text ads. 
In short time Kachhua is going to launch its own blogging website special for education. We always work hard to provide better course to students at affordable prices

COO, Kachhua.com
Watsar Infotech Pvt. Ltd.