SIVA SIVANI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT



                                                                     INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON BIG DATA ANALYTICS

                                                                                         FEBRUARY 11th and 12th , 2016

                                                                                            SSIM Campus - Hyderabad

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SIVA SIVANI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT (SSIM) - Hyderabad, is conducting its annual International Conference on BIG DATA ANALYTICS in association with Global University, USA, in the month of Feb 11th and 12th, 2016, at SSIM Campus, Hyderabad. The conference aptly suitable to the policy makers, decision makers and researchers associated with the field of data analytics. The conference mainly address the dynamic issues in the field of business with the help of big data analytics tools like Descriptive Tools, Predictive Tools and Prescriptive Analytics etc.,

We sincerely request you to share this information in your professional network and encourage them to present research papers in this upcoming area. The conference is applicable to all the fields of study like  Engineering, Management and Medicine, Pharmacy etc., International Conference proceedings will be brought into the limelight in the form of a  Journal with ISSN number and Book with ISBN number. Only selected articles will be published in the special issue of the conference journal and selected best articles will be rewarded a cash prize also.  Guests from various universities across USA, UAE countries will attend the conference and it is a platform for developing professional network also.
I am enclosing the conference brochure also. Any clarifications, please feel free to contact me.  A Copy of the Brochure is also available in our website – www.ssim.ac.in

Encl: SAMAROH-2016 Brochure and Registration Form in pdf

For any clarifications, fee free to contact us. 
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