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Pitchers are Hyderabad based K-12 Strategic Communicators (KPO) who empower k-12 companies/startups to reach out to schools through tele-communications and through channel sales partners. 

We believe that the best way of clearing rotten apples is to bring fresh ones into market. Our channel sales partners and tele-communicators are already working on an interesting initiative called Sciensation. We are helping this 5 year old startup get a national spread for its sixth annual science quiz, which is being supported by NDTV Goodtimes and 10TV.

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We have currently signed up a few more interesting products like Recruitment solutions, Teacher Training, Innovative Curriculum and Adaptive Mathematics learning software. We have a panel of academic experts who guide us on choosing these products. We'd like to have more products on our roster ahead of the sales season.

Pitchers provides the following advantages to companies/startups with innovative products/services operating with limited capital.
1- Free Telephonic outreach to 50 schools in chosen markets.
2- Listing in the Pitchers Catalogue to be handed out to school managements along with product brochures.
3- Distribution network in 12 states of the country.
4- Potential telephonic outreach to 5000+ schools of the country, accessed by our channel sales partners.
5- We ensure that your Channel Sales Partners/Sales team spends quality team on the field by fixing appointments and avoid cold calls. Sales Professionals can avail this service to milk more value out of the time they spend on field.
6- Our tele-communicators are paid well above market average for tele-callers and are trained to handle school managements. This should help the sales force in taking technical queries about the product, especially in companies without high salary budgets.

Investment on smart telecommunication strategy can help you in getting 3 sales professionals to handle the outreach burden of 5 sales professionals by filtering out leads as per the interest levels. Should you find this service interesting, you could fill the film below to avail a free trial. If you have trouble viewing or submitting this form, you can fill it out in Google Forms
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Pitchers Strategic Communicators
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