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It's Official:
Fed's "Quantitative Easing" is Over

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Investors have enjoyed 5½ years of stock market bliss, thanks largely to the Fed's $3.7 trillion "QE" bond buying program. The “buy-and-hold” strategies pushed by traditional brokers and financial advisors have worked well since the market has been basically straight upsince March 2009.
With the Fed out of the picture, the question now is:
What will stocks do now that the Fed
has taken the historic punchbowl away?
I believe the market volatility that we saw in October was a harbinger of things to come. Specifically, I believe the wild volatility that we saw in October is going tobecome the norm – regardless whether a new bear market unfolds or not.
This means investors need a new strategy in the post-QE environment.
My latest Special Report"Fed's 'Quantitative Easing' is Over: Implications for the U.S. Stock Markets Going Forward" is now available to my readers free of charge. This informative report discusses what I believe will be "the new norm" for stocks and what investors should consider doing to weather the storm. I'll detail two investment strategies that may serve you well and help meet your financial goals in the post-Fed stock market situation we now face.
The time to bite your nails and hang on through thick and thin is over, in my opinion, because the Fed no longer has investors’ backs. Download my Special Report today so you too can take advantage of this important information.
All the best,
Gary D. Halbert
President & CEO
Note:  Investments discussed are not guaranteed and involve risk of loss. Be sure to read all important disclosures before making a decision to invest. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

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