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Dear Sir / Madam,

Greetings from SIMS.

It is our pleasure to  inform you that the SAI RAM INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES, Chennai is organizing the AICTE Sponsored Fifth  International Conference on"ECONOMICS, BUSINESS, FINANCE, HUMAN RESOURCE & TECHNOLOGY FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT(IEBFHT”13)" on 20th  and 21st  December 2013. We are enclosing herewith the brochure containing all the details about the conference


Selected papers will be published in various International journals with ISSN.

Looking forward to your participation.

Thanking you,
With warm regards,
International Conference

FICCI invitation

November 29, 2013
Dear Sir/ Madam,
Greetings from Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI)
We are pleased to inform you that FICCI along with Department of Telecommunications (DoT), Government of India is organizing the 8th edition of India Telecom Conference from 5th – 6th December 2013 at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi.

Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh has kindly consented to inaugurate India Telecom 2013.

We are rapidly moving towards the next disruptive revolution, wherein data will be transferred automatically over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. This new revolution will transform the world as we see today. Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Communication promises to create greater economic value for all organizations, and for the global economy, besides bringing a new level of convenience to our lives. Realizing the need for a close dialogue between the Government and industry on how to achieve the full potential of M2M in India, the theme set for this year’s India Telecom isInternet of People to Internet of Things – Future of Communications”.
India Telecom Conference 2013 will focus on promoting dialogue and understanding between senior officials from government, business leaders, consultants and academia on the very key issues/areas and new growth drivers in the telecom sector.
Following 5 thematic sessions have been incorporated in the conference agenda: (a) Realizing the benefits of M2M, Smart Cities and The Internet of Things; (b) Enabling policy framework for next phase of telecom revolution; (c) Towards a New Digital enablement; (d) Smart Devices and applications; (e) Power the Tower”..
In view of the importance of the event, I have great pleasure in inviting your institute to participate & attend the conference.To encourage higher participation from academia, we have kept attractive delegate fee of Rs.3,000/- per delegate and we are also giving 15% discount if register before 30th November, 2013. You may confirm your participation through attached Registration Proforma or you can also register online (Click here).
We would be happy to extend a complimentary pass to the head of student delegation from an institute. India Telecom 2013 conference agenda is attached for your perusal. For more information please visit www.indiatelecom.org.
In case of any other query please contact my colleague Mr Sudhir Malik at the phone 91-11-23487217 (D), 23738760-70 Ext. 217/434 or E-Mail: ficcitelecom@ficci.com.
Look forward to your early participation
Warm regards,
Sarika Gulyani
Joint Director &
Head-IT & Telecom Division
Industry’s Voice for Policy Change
Federation House, Tansen Marg, New Delhi-110001
T: 91-11-23736190 (D) 91-11-23738760-70 Extn 420
F: 91-11-23320714

New Release on Management & Commerce

  Book Details

Research Methodology : Methods and Techniques
Kothari, C R, Former Principal, College of Commerce, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, Rajasthan (India)
Garg, Gaurav, Asst. Prof., Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow, (U. P) (India)
ISBN : 978-81-224-3623-5
Publication Year : 2014
Edition : 3rd
Reprint : 
Pages : 470
Price : Rs. 275.00
Binding : Paperback
About the Book:

This third edition has been made more structured to make the learning more systematic. More details are added to old chapters and some new chapters are also added keeping in mind the need of advanced data analysis in social science research. The usage of popular statistical package SPSS has also been shown through many examples.

It is important to adopt an appropriate methodology in quality research. The present book provides the basic and advanced level discussion on research methodology so that the researchers may become familiar with the art of using research methods and techniques.

The book is intended to serve as a textbook for social science students at graduate and postgraduate level. The book can be taken as a well–organised guide for researchers in social science and other areas.

To download Supplementary Material Click Here
About the Author:

Dr. C R Kothari was Principal, College of Commerce and Associate Professor in the Department of Economic Administration and Financial Management, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, Rajasthan (India).

Dr. Gaurav Garg is Assistant Professor in Decision Sciences Area,Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh (India).

  • Research Methodology: An Introduction
  • Defining the Research Problem
  • Research Design
  • Design of Sample Surveys
  • Measurement and Scaling
  • Data Collection
  • Data Preparation
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Sampling and Statistical Inference
  • Testing of Hypothesis
  • Chi-Square Tests
  • Analysis of Variance
  • Other Nonparametric Methods
  • Linear Regression Analysis
  • Factor Analysis
  • Discriminant Analysis
  • Cluster Analysis
  • Other Multivariate Techniques
  • Interpretation and Report Writing

Review which appeared in Journal of Services Research (October 2007-March 2008):

Research from the primordial to the doomsday. Research in some form or the other has a passion with mankind at all times. But it is equally essential for a dispassionate lover of truth to be well aquatinted with the various ways and means of helping himself to explore the reality and truth. This necessarily demands knowledge of research methodology best suited to the researcher?s constraints and appropriate to the study. A proper understanding and appropriateness of research techniques help us in making the best use of research resources whether primary of secondary. Research Methodology is taught as a supporting subject in several ways in many academic disciplines such as health, education, psychology, social work, nursing, public health, library studies, marketing research, and management researches. Although these vary in content, but their broad approach to a research inquiry is similar. Some disciplines place greater emphasis on quantitative research, and some on qualitative research. The best approach is use combination of both kind of research methodology. The present book under review is putting equal emphasis on both kinds of research methodology approaches.

The book is primarily targeted to serve as text book to Graduate and M.Phil. students of research methodology in all disciplines of various universities. The book seems to design specifically for the students who are newcomers to research, and who may have a psychological barrier with regard to the subject. The author has used many flow charts and practical examples to communicate concepts; and areas covered in the book follows a simple to complex approach in terms of their discussion. The author takes in consideration modern tools and techniques used in research analysis by introducing a special chapter on ``The Computer: Its role in Research``. The structuring of chapter scheme of the book is designed to be practical in nature. The information in the book chapterized around eight operational steps in research process viz. formulating a research problem (Step I); conceptualize a research design (Step II); constructing an instrument for data collection (Step III); selecting a sample (Step IV); writing a research proposal (Step V), collecting data (Step VI); processing data (Step VII); writing a research report (Step VIII).

The author has over-emphasized on statistic portion. The probable reason can be normally face problems with regard to understanding to applicable statistical technique. Overall this book clearly reflects the teaching experience of the author with this subject. The book can give more value to researchers by introducing some information on how to carry out review of literature and its importance in research.

Dear Sir and Madam,
Hope you are doing well.

Your new semester/ trimester will be starting soon.

By this mail We would request to kindly let us know your requirements in terms of new Books, Instructors Material, Supporting PPt.

Attached is our latest catalogue, kindly let us know for new books.

Thank You.

Status of Digital Education and Learning Lab in your college

All Principals
Govt. Colleges, Grant-in-aid Colleges
(with DELL in place)

Respected Sir/Madam,

As you are aware, DELL (Digital Education and Learning Lab) is a project of Commissionerate of Higher Education, Govt. of Gujarat and implemented and maintained by SCOPE from 2010. As per DELL guidelines, the lab is required to be used optimally for the benefit of students and faculty. Various computer-based training programmes and online exams under the umbrella of Education Department are required to be conducted in these labs.

For the above activities, it is expected that the labs are fully functional and accessed by students and faculty. The maintenance and upkeep of labs is the responsibility of the respective college and colleges can work out various revenue models for meeting such expenses.

As per instruction of CEO, SCOPE and Principal Secretary (Education), you are kindly requested to furnish the latest functional status of your DELL in the attached format latest by 10th December, 2013. You can send the status as a hard copy or soft copy (email : scope.pc1@gmail.com).

Sincerely yours,

(Sandeep Sharma)

cc 1. Sh. A M Tiwari, IAS, CEO, SCOPE, Commissioner, Higher Education and Principal Secretary (Education)

Warm regards,

Dyuti Vyas
Programme Coordinator,

Society for Creation of Opportunities through Proficiency in English (SCOPE)
"Prajna Puram" KCG Campus,
Nr. Gujarat University, Opp. PRL, ATIRA Road,
Navrangpura, Ahmedabad 380015

9TH SIMSR GLOBAL MARKETING CONFERENCE: Abstract submission final date 9th Dec.’13

Dear Sir/Madam,
K.J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies & Research (SIMSR) is pleased to announce the 9thSIMSR Global Marketing Conference, to be held from Jan. 6th to 8th2014.  The conference is being organized in academic partnership with College of Business & Public Administration, California State University, San Bernardino, USA; and Management University of Africa, Nairobi, Kenya.

The theme for the 9th SIMSR Global Marketing Conference is "Ubiquitous Marketing: Unwired Consumers ... Rewriting Rulebooks".

Important Dates:

  • Extended Abstract Submission Final Timeline : December  9th, 2013 ( Monday )


  • Conference Schedule:


Prof. A. Parasuraman ("Parsu") is a Professor and Holder of the James W. McLamore Chair in Marketing (endowed by the Burger King Corporation) and Director of PhD Programs at the School of Business, University of Miami. He obtained his Bachelor of Technology degree in 1970 from IIT-Madras and Master of Business Administration degree in 1972 from IIM-Ahmedabad, India. His Doctor of Business Administration degree, which he obtained in 1975, is from Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.
  • January 7th, 2014 ( Tuesday ): Conference Inaugural and Paper Presentation

  • January 8th, 2014 ( Wednesday ): Paper Presentation and Panel Discussion on“Doing Business in Africa“

  • Extended Abstract submission:
Abstracts are to be submitted in soft copy only on simsrglobalmktg@somaiya.edu orsimsrglobalmktg@gmail.com.
For details kindly refer to our CONFERENCE WEB LINK: 

We are enclosing herewith the conference guidelines and copyright form for your perusal. We solicit your cooperation in kindly circulating this conference information to other faculty members, industry professionals, management & doctoral students and other interested individuals known to you.

We look forward to your active participation in making this conference a grand success.

With best regards,

Prof. Vilasini Jadhav
Assistant Professor – Marketing
Member - Conference Organizing Committee
9th SIMSR Global Marketing Conference
Ubiquitous Marketing: Unwired Consumers ... Rewriting Rulebooks
Jan 6th to 8th 2014

call for Research article and win best article award

Dear Professor and Young scientist,
Greetings of the day!
We thank you for expressing interest in our journals.
Primax Commerce and Management Research Academy is India’s leading research publication house with the following Internationally Listed Journals

ISSN 2321 – 3604  Primax International Journal of Commerce and Management  Research  (Print)
ISSN 2321 – 3612  Primax International Journal of Commerce and Management  Research (Online)

Both of the above mentioned journals are already subscribed by leading management schools and consulting organisations across the world. We invite you to subscribe to these journals for your organisation for the benefit of researchers and knowledge dissemination for students.
Please Visit our website for more details about our journals. On subscription, you will receive quarterly publications and Research scholar will access to host of free statistical tool for your thesis and consultation by research experts.

Primax International journal of Commerce and Management Research” Volume Number I and 4th Issue will be rolled on March 2014.  May I request you take the opportunity to contribute your articles, reviews, case studies, research works, and other articles of professional and academic interest, immediately? I assure you that, your article will be published soon after permitted by peer review panel. I am confident your articles will be see the “light of the day” without failure.
So you wish to be one of the distinguished contributors to our fourth publication of our journal. Please fill the copy right form details and post the same either as hard copy or soft copy to the below mention address/email ID
We look forward to hear from you.

 With regards.

Prof. T.Rajeswari., M.Sc.,M.A(Eng.).,M.B.A.,M.A(Soc)
Managing Editor, Primax International Journal of Commerce and Management Research
#1432, 11th Cross, Kengeri Satellite town,
Bangalore -60. Ph:09986530012

Invitation for One day Workshop on 19th December 2013

Dear Sir/Madam

Please circulate the following mail among your research scholars/faculty/colleagues.

Please circumvent in case of multiple posting.

Dear Professors/Colleagues,
 Greetings from Chitkara Business School!
 Learning is always better in a small interactive group. As every research is unique therefore by attending this workshop the participants can take advantage of expert opinion to discuss various issues specifically related to their research.
 This Workshop is in association with AIMS INTERNATIONAL (Association of Indian Management Scholars (AIMS) International).

“How to Get Published in Internationally Refereed Business Journals: A Practical Guide”
19th December, 2013, Thursday
Objectives of the Workshop
For all management scholars getting one’s scholarly work published in a reputed journal is the ultimate recognition of academic abilities. Gone are the days when it was considered to be enough to be just a good teacher. Today it is a necessary prerequisite to achieve success in the academic profession. A good record of publications in top notch journals does not only guarantee personal satisfaction but it also opens doors to well established portals of academic learning. However the road to getting one’s paper published and that too in a top notch journal is a complex task. It is an arduous process right from deciding your topic and methodology of research to being able to target the right journal and finally to adapt your paper to the requirements of the editors and the reviewers. The workshop is intended to support researchers in their quest for publishing their scholarly publications in top refereed journals.
Content of the Workshop

While getting a paper published has many aspects to it, the workshop is aiming to focus on the most pertinent issues. Some of the topics that have been outlined are as follows:
Ø  Formulating a publication strategy
Ø  Understanding the publication process
Ø  Structuring a research article
Ø  Significance on abstract and introduction sections
Ø  Doing an adequate Literature review
Ø  Choice of an appropriate methodology
Ø  Presenting results
Ø  Getting the right references and understanding various referencing styles
Ø  The right form of Tables, Figures, Appendices and Bibliography
Ø  Understanding various types of journals, classification, reputation, etc.
Ø  Targeting the right Journal
Ø  Interacting with the journal editors
Ø  Addressing referees’ concerns and comments
Ø  Handling revision and rejection decisions
Ø  The  do’s and don’ts of writing academic papers
Contact Details
Please feel freeto write for any queries regarding workshop on any of the following email ids Emailworkshop.cbs@chitkara.edu.inbhavyarenuka@gmail.com,ujjawalakiran@gmail.com
 Please find attached here with the workshop brochure and registration form. We solicit your cooperation in sharing this workshop information with your colleagues and interested individuals known to you. Limited Seats Available for the Workshop
We look forward for your active participation and support to our workshop.

With Warm Regards
Dr. Renuka Sharma, Associate Professor, CBS, Mb.- 09416281206
Dr Kiran Mehta, Associate Professor, CBS, Mb.-09467014669