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The Journal of Advances in Mathematics (JAM) is a premier resource for in-depth research and analysis to keep pace with the current developments and an authentic forum for high quality scholarly articles to effectively communicate these developments to practitioners actively engaged in research and those wishing to be informed about progress in the field. The aim of the journal is to publish a wide variety of disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives encompassing a broad theoretical and methodological scope. The focus is on quality which is achieved through continuous improvement and assurance of high standards. The journal seeks to embrace the entire areas of Mathematics. The journal solicits original and unpublished research papers for the Upcoming Edition.
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VOL 2, NO 2: JAM




Mercer–Trapezoid Rule for the Riemann–Stieltjes Integral with ApplicationsPDF
Mohammad W Alomari, Sever S Dragomir67-85
Development and Evaluation of a direct Expansion Heat Pump SystemPDF
Abdeen Mustafa Omer86-99
Average number of Real Roots of Random Trigonometric Polynomial follows non-symmetric Semi-Cauchy DistributionPDF
Nirmal Kumar Sahoo, Dr.N.N. Nayak100-109
Determining the minimum distance between centers of two parallel tunnels to apply the Law of Super Position in order to calculate subsidence by using the software FLAC 3DPDF
Hamid Reza Samadi, Mohammad Reza Samadi110-117
On the Extended Hardy Transformation of Generalized FunctionsPDF
Shrideh Alomari118-123
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