The Department of Management Studies , Rajalakshmi Engineering College is rated ‘A’ by CRISIL in December 2011, 'A+' by Business India in November 2011, classified as a leading business school in India by Dun & Bradstreet in 2011, and ranks third among 92 colleges affiliated to Anna University Chennai, 2011.
IJGBMR, published bi-annual, ISSN print version is an opportunity for academicians to share the latest thinking on research strategies, tactics and paradigms of Business and Social Sciences discipline. The editorial board is interested in obtaining both theoretical and practical papers concerning research models, as well as considering case studies that demonstrate how research strategies; tactics and paradigms are applied in practice. The journal accepts academically robust papers that contribute to the area of research in business and management.
The journal publishes work in the categories described below.
Research Papers
These may be qualitative or quantitative, empirical or theoretical in nature and can discuss completed research findings or work in progress.
Case Studies
Case studies illustrating business and management research methods in practice.
Topics may include, but are not limited to, Human Resource Management, Strategic Management, Trade, International Businesses, Marketing Strategies, Sales Management, Advertising, Finance, Corporate Finance, Financial Economics, Econometrics, Economic Theory, Business Development, Sales Promotions, Investment, Portfolio Management, Product Development, Accounting, Financial Reporting, Corporate Governance, Social Policy, Public Administration, Business Laws, Statistical Inferences, Empirical Business Research, Total Quality Management, Consumer Behavior, Organizational Behavior and Theory, Insurance, Risk Management, Project Management, Supply Chain Management, Operations Management, Cost Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Management Information System, Crisis Management,  Societal Research and international  Business Studies.
Manuscript Submission

Manuscripts must be sent as an email attachment toeditor.ijgbmr@rajalakshmi.edu.in. The acknowledgement of manuscript submission will be sent to author(s) within 48 hours.All manuscripts submitted for publication will follow these guidelines.

- All the manuscripts must be in MS Word (Doc/Docx) format.

- The first page should contain title of the study, name(s) of the author(s), affiliation, telephone number and email address. Mailing address of the primary and secondary author should be mentioned.

- Do not write authors name elsewhere in the manuscript as the paper will be sent for blind review.

- The title of the paper should be precise, concise and in bold.

- The second page should contain title and abstract of maximum 250 words followed by five (5)      keywords. The abstract should concisely convey the significance of the study.

- Rest of the paper should contain introduction to the topic, review of literature, methodology, results and discussion, conclusion, recommendations, acknowledgement (if any) and references.

- The article/research paper should be written in English in simple, concise, and correct language.

- The manuscript must be double spaced in Times New Roman with no hyperlinks. Article should not exceed 25 pages. Format consistency is expected in writing the research articles from the author(s).

- Tables should be numbered with Arabic format. The tables should be in MS word and preferably placed where interpretation of table is carried out. The table should not be enclosed on separate sheet.

- Figure(s) should be cited in Arabic format. For Example; Figure 1. The Figure(s) should be clear enough to read and interpret.

- All mathematical equations should be typed as text. For this purpose equations editor is preferred. Equation in the form of image is not acceptable.

- References at the end should appear alphabetically. Please follow latest edition of APA referencing style for every type of reference.

Review Process

All manuscripts are subject to double blind review. Papers will be reviewed by an editor and members of the editorial board or experienced reviewers around the world. Feedback will be given to authors as early as possible, as we make every effort to complete the review process within 2 weeks. The editorial board tries to publish accepted manuscripts in the forthcoming issue.The Editor reserves the right to reject papers that, in the view of the editorial board, are either of insufficient quality, or are not relevant enough to the subject area. The editor is happy to discuss contributions before submission.

Email ID for Submission :  
Publication Fee

The Journal does not charge any processing fee.
The Authors will be charged 750 INR per author as subscription fee for the journal.

First issue is to be launched in august, 2012.
The best selected paper will attract honorarium of Rs.2, 000/- The last date for the submission of article is 5th june 2012.
Potential reviewers are welcome to send their resumes for consideration to the editor. (PhD is a must)

Submissions and correspondence with the authors are dealt only viaeditor.ijgbmr@rajalakshmi.edu.in,editor.ijgbmr@gmail.com

If you have any query please contact us atinfo.ijgbmr@rajalakshmi.edu.in
Looking forward to your Intellectual support. Kindly forward it your friends and potential contacts for effective contribution.

Sincerely yours,
International Journal on Global Business Management and Research


Call for Papers for IJSR & GRA

Dear Colleague(s)
Greetings for the Day!
Firstly, I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart for extending your research inputs to the “INDIAN JOURNAL OF APPLIED RESEARCH” & “PARIPEX – INDIAN JOURNAL OF RESEARCH”. It was only because of your unconditional support and encouragements that both the journals have become a preferred outlet to publish the research papers/case study/articles.
Since long we have been receiving the request to broaden the horizon of publications so that my friends/Professors/research scholars/colleagues can extend more and more research work and add feather to their cape.  However, giving due respect to  their request we are glad to present you two more journals that are equally “INTERNATIONAL LISTED JOURNALS”
International Listed Journal
Publishes on Every 1st of the Month
First Issue Releases on 1st June, 2012
Journal for All Subjects
Print ISSN No: 2277 – 8179

International Listed Journal
Global research analysis
Publishes on Every 15th of the Month
First Issue Releases on 15th June, 2012
Journal for All Subjects
Print ISSN No: 2277 – 8160

These journals shall be published under globaljournals.com, thus the journals will carry a different look, layout and  structure from IJAR & PARIPEX. However, the norms and author guidelines are more or less are the same to fit it in to your criteria.
For further details kindly refer to the attached pdf file.
May I request you to circulate this email/attachment among your colleagues, peers & friends for the contribution to GLOBAL JOURNALS
Looking forward to intellectual relation and co-operation.

The Editor,
3, SUHANA, Nr. Rubi Apartment, B/H NID, Rajnagar Road,
Paldi – 380007. Ahmedabad-Gujarat. (INDIA)
Contact: +91 98247 02127, +91 88660 03636


Shuttle Ferry Escort Pics

These were taken by the Shuttle Escorts… beautiful pics.
Looking West over Port Canaveral


Idar is a small town located in Gujarat

World Trade Center Reaches 100 Floors!

World Trade Center Reaches 100 Floors

The new World Trade Center has reached a milestone: The skyscraper being built to replace the terror-wrecked twin towers is now 100 stories high — on its way to becoming New York's tallest building. Another four feet, and it will surpass the Empire State Building.
World Trade Center Reaches 100 Floors

World Trade Center Reaches 100 Floors

World Trade Center Reaches 100 Floors

World Trade Center Reaches 100 Floors

World Trade Center Reaches 100 Floors

World Trade Center Reaches 100 Floors

Lighthouses and Monster Waves